Adventure or routine?

Adventure or routine, which do you prefer?

Do you relish all that you’ve never experienced before? Or does familiarity suit you best?

I like, and need, a bit of both. Enough routine to keep the everyday stuff easier to handle. But also enough adventure to keep life interesting!

When adventure arrives in overabundance in our lives the result can be stress: Your car breaks down -> adventure is more than plentiful -> stress enters in.


if you’re experiencing day after day of the same routine -> boredom sets in -> stress comes knocking.

In either case, art can help.

When the adventure brings stress, view your favorite art. Maybe something like this:










If boredom sets in, explore a fresh path and discover new art, like this:











May your path be an interesting one!


Walking along a trail in Glendalough State Park, the path took me right to edge of Annie Battle Lake. From the multi-hued ripples at the shore to the reeds standing tall in the water, this shot had such a peaceful glow. The trees on the opposite shoreline and the clouds above capped off this image. While the original photo had all these qualities, as I worked with the hues I found hidden colors, especially in the water.