A New Perspective

Thank you

Thank you for your support this year.

I truly appreciate your interest and your desire to view our world through these images.

Thank you for taking the time to pause and ponder.

I wish you peace
in your heart,
in your relationships,
in your neighborhood,
and in our world.



My Mug

There’s something very special about the mug holding my coffee this morning.

Yes, it does a fine job of containing the hot liquid. Its generously thick walls hold in the heat.

But those attributes aren’t why I sing its praises. No, this mug has the special marks of human hands.

On first glance at it, you immediately know it was not stamped out of an industrial machine.

Sure the curves and lines are well-formed and smooth. But they’re not techno-industrial straight and smooth.

These are hand-shaped and hand-smoothed, formed with human care knowing that another human hand will someday hold it; will use it to get nourishment.

You might think I’m over the top about this mug. That’s just fine, you’re have that right.

But the care that created this vessel is so evident that I’m confident I’m not going over the top about it.

Still, you say “It’s just a mug!”. But I say, “Look again, is it really just a mug?”.


P.S. I love the colors! And yes, they look even better in-person.

Sue Pariseau, suepariseaupottery.com, is the creator of this favorite mug. I bought it from her during the Studio ArTour in October 2015.


Walking across a field of tall grasses, to my surprise I came across a thirty foot long “riverbed”, or at least that’s what I called it.


What caused the shaping of this clay earth?

Might it have been rushing water?

Seems water had something to do with it. But there was no water in sight.

However, as I continued on I soon learned that a swiftly running stream flowed just a half mile away. Could it be the source of this earthen oddity?

As I worked with the original image, various colors emerged. But the blue truly fit. See this and others here..


Maybe All of Nature is Tired

As I wrote this, we were about to switch from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time.

One day our sunset was at 6:02 PM.

The next evening it set at 5:01 PM.


Now you might say that change can be invigorating. And I would agree.

But this change in sunset abruptly upsets my sense of a day. In my mind, the afternoon has been shut down early; too early!

I love daylight hours, especially sunny ones. So I miss that “lost” hour. But also my body reacts to darkness with sleepiness. So when darkness starts at 5 PM I ‘m getting sleepy before 7 PM!

The deep and dark evening has been lengthened.

So I ask, is it possible this reduction in daylight is necessary? Could it be that a respite is needed?

Maybe all of nature is tired.

The trees have been busy transforming sunlight and water into growth and green leaves.

The buzzy bees worked through the summer flying from blossom to blossom.

A Bumblebee_working_the_Marigolds_2033_b_1_a_thumb

And what about us? Do we need a rest? (Maybe from all the yard work!)

Could it be that the extra hours of darkness are also intended to give us a rest?

I ponder that thought and wonder about the trees as they rest, leafless in the dark freezer outside…