A New Perspective


My goal is to avoid taking the ordinary things in our world for granted. I like to pause, and ponder what I see.

To bring out the best in a subject, I search to find what colors and textures might be hidden away. I attempt to extract the beauty from within each subject.

I create images that I like. They stir my soul when I pause to look at them.



Do you love color? I do. The saturation, or saturato, of color stir my soul and gives me “visual fuel” for my emotions, in much the same way that a great piece of music gives me “audible fuel” for my emotions.┬áThink about your favorite music: You hear that hypnotic theme you love, and your pulse quickens.

Looking at these images, I hope you too will feel the color jump out and energize you.

Here’s a look at the process I go through with each image.


Up Close

From a distance it may look simple.

But get up close. You will see the depth and beauty in it.


Even in something that appears to be so simple there is a lot going on to create and sustain it.

How did something so seemingly simple begin? What has it gone through to become what it is today?

Amazed by the complexity and beauty, I am thankful for the world around me and the peace that I find by pausing to take a closer look.

My hope is that these images might move you to pause, to look, and to wonder.

There really is beauty in these simple things.


Shop for Images

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Mike Solomonson

Snoqualmie Falls, Washington