Swan Song

As the colors of the leaves peak each year (that’s in October where I live) I’m reminded of the cycle they go through.

Spring brings the buds on trees.

Next, the leaves fully engulf our landscape as the sea of green is everywhere. I always feel a sense of peace when the trees are filled with leaves in May. I know that life has been revived after a long, cold winter.

As June and July pass I sink back into the comfort of sun and warmth, surrounded by a green forest that seems it could hang around forever.

The days go by, the daylight starts to shorten, and temps nudge a bit downward. I’m reminded then of the swan song to come in October. Then, the leaves give up their greens and offer their proudest hue view yet.


Raining Leaves

It’s raining leaves! For the last week, gusty winds have produced raining leaves. With more than half the leaves in my neighborhood transformed from green to a new hue, the additional force of strong winds has brought showers of leaves streaming out of the trees. Those flocks of leaves find their way to the ground in such a flurry, much unlike their counterparts who decide to drop on a calm fall day.

Yesterday morning it was finally calm and then the leaves took their time. One at a time they hollered, “Here I go” and then gracefully each would waft down from their branch home to the ground. They didn’t travel far from that tree. They leave that travelling for those that catch a stiff breeze on another day. No, these leaves fall close to their home.

Time to go outside and have a look at the newly fallen ones.