Rusting Cottonwood Leaf

Rusting Cottonwood Leaf
Amongst hundreds of ordinary Cottonwood leaves my eyes caught this one…it just happened to have some very nice green markings within it’s overall base color of light greenish yellow. As I played with it, a curious mix of colors emerged. When I stopped, the first thought in my mind was that it looked like it was rusting.

A look at the process…

The process started with this image:


That morphed into this:


And then into this:


Somehow it wandered off to this:


And then finally wound up at this:


A Cottonwood leaf full of greens


This image began from a rather ugly Cottonwood leaf. It’s long stem gives it an unbalanced, gangly look to begin with. The original color was a pale, sickly off-yellow. On top of that, the leaf has a tear or slice missing. In fact, I dismissed the original photo for quite a while. More than a month after I took the photo, I started working with it. After a while the various greens starting popping out. I found myself strongly attracted to the variety of green shades it produced.

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